Separation & Divorce

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Social Media

April 16, 2010

Social Media is a new facet of communication today. We understand that everyone participates in social media to some degree. When you are involved in divorce proceedings, or any type of litigation for that matter, a good general practice is to avoid discussing any element of your case, or your spouse, in any social media forum. All social media is discoverable, and it never goes away. If you are considering divorce or litigation, be very…

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Practical Matters

April 14, 2010

Litigation often spawns more litigation. To determine whether certain issues are worth litigating, you must weigh the price you will pay with your time, emotions, and money, against the anticipated outcome and its benefit to you. Again, your attorney will advise you on these matters. Dating prior to the final divorce: Don’t, unless your attorney has specifically advised you that it is okay. Dating prior to final divorce, or the signing of a Separation Agreement,…

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