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Is Your Attorney Tough Enough?

All too often, the client has the attitude that a lawyer who is a “fighter” is a lawyer who refuses to cooperate with opposing counsel, makes demands and gets instant...
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Post-Divorce Steps You Should Take to Protect Your Assets And Financial Interests

If you have signed your separation agreement or a judge has entered a Judgment of Equitable Distribution dividing your marital property and debts, you are probably feeling relieved that this...

Marital Fault and Alimony

Before mid 1995, for a court to order post separation support and alimony, there had to be a finding of marital fault. This is no longer required in North Carolina,...

Who Took the Money in the Cookie Jar?

Many couples keep cash savings on hand for an emergency. Cash may be stored in a cookie jar, under the mattress, safe deposit box, or some other place for safekeeping....
Do I have to turn over my medical records during divorce?

Do I have to Provide My Medical Records to My Ex in a Divorce

During the pretrial discovery phase of a divorce and in child custody matters it is not uncommon for the opposing party to request your medical records. Whether an outside party...
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Can a Premarital Agreement Be Signed after the Marriage?

As its name implies, a premarital agreement (also known as a prenuptial agreement) is an agreement that parties enter into before marriage. To be considered a valid premarital agreement, the...
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Practical Matters

Litigation often spawns more litigation. To determine whether certain issues are worth litigating, you must weigh the price you will pay with your time, emotions, and money, against the anticipated...

How Is Property Valued for Purposes of Equitable Distribution?

In North Carolina, the court ordered or agreed-upon division of assets and debts that occurs when spouses separate is called equitable distribution. For purposes of equitable distribution, the parties’ marital...

Issues to Consider Before You Separate

When parties separate, it is not unusual for their separation to be preceded by a heated argument or domestic violence. High drama often sets the stage for a separation to...
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Gifts during Marriage – When a Gift Is Not a Gift

Separate property is considered property (either an asset or debt) that belongs to one spouse individually. Separate property is not subject to equitable distribution and its value is not included...

Determining Child Support in High Income Cases

The North Carolina Child Support Guidelines in effect for 2013 provide a formula for determining the recommended basic child support obligation for parents whose combined adjusted gross incomes is $25,000...
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When Child Support Ends for One Child, How Is Child Support Determined for the Remaining Child or Children?

When a parent is paying court ordered child support to the other parent for two or more children, and the obligation to pay child support for one of the children...