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Costly Divorce Mistakes: What You Don’t Know Can Hurt You.

In an effort to save money during divorce, many couples turn to self-help legal forms and generic advice found on the Internet rather than hiring a family law attorney. When...
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Can I Make the Other Parent Pay for Private School Tuition As Part of a Child Support Obligation?

The North Carolina Child Support Guidelines provide a formula for determining the presumptive child support obligation for parties’ whose combined adjusted gross income is $300,000 per year or less. The...

Cautionary Tale of Online Cheating

In today’s world, websites and modern technology, such as email, instant messaging, and texting, provide a means for cheaters to establish and maintain extramarital relationships with a greater degree of...
Couple embracing on a front porch depicting reconciliation during divorce.


Often a potential client visits an attorney to discuss divorce. Although, they have not yet made the decision to take the big step. First, they want to know their options....
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Missing Assets in Divorce

An issue that arises with some frequency in divorce cases involves allegations that a spouse has hidden or disposed of marital assets. Often, these are assets, such as jewelry, cash,...

What is a Dependent Spouse?

Essential to an award of spousal support or alimony, the court must determine that the spouse requesting support is a dependent spouse, and the other party is the supporting spouse....
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How Is the Date of Separation Determined (And Why Is It Important)?

The date of separation is determined by the actual date that the parties begin living separate and apart from each other in separate residences. Establishing separate bedrooms while living in...
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Under What Circumstances Can My Spouse Be Required to Pay My Attorney’s Fees?

North Carolina law allows a judge to order one party to pay the other party’s reasonable attorney’s fees in certain family related legal matters, including child custody, child support, post-separation...

Understanding Mediation and How It May Benefit Your Domestic Case

A mediator is a neutral third person who works with parties to help them attempt to resolve their issues in dispute in a mutually satisfactory manner. Mediation is different from...
Siblings of significantly different ages playing video games together and smiling

When Child Support Ends for One Child, How Is Child Support Determined for the Remaining Child or Children?

When a parent is paying court ordered child support to the other parent for two or more children, and the obligation to pay child support for one of the children...
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Is Your Attorney Tough Enough?

All too often, the client has the attitude that a lawyer who is a “fighter” is a lawyer who refuses to cooperate with opposing counsel, makes demands and gets instant...
Image of a typewritten agreement for divorce on white paper with a pair of eyeglasses folded on top of it.

Does My Separation Agreement Have To Be Approved by the Court?

“Separation agreement” is the term commonly used to describe a legally binding contract that spouses enter into when they reach an agreement regarding issues related to their marital separation. The...