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Tax Implications of Receiving (and Paying) Postseparation Support and Alimony

In North Carolina, there are no mathematical formulas for determining awards of postseparation support and alimony. The trial courts have broad discretion in determining the amount and duration of postseparation...
Image of a typewritten agreement for divorce on white paper with a pair of eyeglasses folded on top of it.

Does My Separation Agreement Have To Be Approved by the Court?

“Separation agreement” is the term commonly used to describe a legally binding contract that spouses enter into when they reach an agreement regarding issues related to their marital separation. The...

How Will Adultery Affect My Divorce Case?

What we generally think of as “adultery,” is referred to by North Carolina Gen. Stat. 50-16.1A(3)(a) as “illicit sexual behavior” which is defined as “sexual or deviate sexual intercourse, deviate...

Determining Child Support in High Income Cases

The North Carolina Child Support Guidelines in effect for 2013 provide a formula for determining the recommended basic child support obligation for parents whose combined adjusted gross incomes is $25,000...
Image of a competent business woman analyzing graphs depicting the kind of investigative and analytic services provided by experts in divorce matters.

Why You May Need an Expert Witness or Other Professional to Assist in Your Divorce or Child Custody Case

Depending on the nature and complexity of the issues in dispute in your divorce or child custody matter, your attorney may recommend that you engage the services of non-lawyer professionals...
Man's hands holding and using a backlit digital tablet in low light ambience room

Divorce in the Digital Age: How the Internet Can Be Useful In Your Divorce Case

Unquestionably, the Internet has changed the way we access information and the volume of information that is available. It has also made it more difficult to keep our personal lives...

How Is Property Valued for Purposes of Equitable Distribution?

In North Carolina, the court ordered or agreed-upon division of assets and debts that occurs when spouses separate is called equitable distribution. For purposes of equitable distribution, the parties’ marital...
Image of sliced brown bread with stalks of wheat referencing the idea of a "breadwinner".

Does It Matter in a Divorce If One Spouse Was the “Breadwinner” During Marriage?

A common refrain that attorneys hear during the divorce process is: “I earned all the money during the marriage, so why should I have to give my ex half of...
A vintage suitcase half neatly packed with necessities and important items in preparation for leaving.

Is It Considered Abandonment If I Leave My Spouse?

Depending on your reason for leaving your spouse, your spouse may have grounds to allege abandonment, which is sometimes referred to as desertion. In North Carolina, abandonment is considered an...

Do I Need a Legal Document Establishing Physical Custody of My Child?

A dispute between parents over child custody or visitation can arise at any time when the child is born outside marriage or there is a separation or divorce. Even if...

What Is Considered “Separate Property?”

In North Carolina, “separate property” refers to assets or debts owned by one spouse individually. Separate property is considered all property (real estate or personal property) acquired by a spouse...

Equal or Unequal? Should One Spouse Receive More Than 50% of the Marital Estate?

In actions for equitable distribution, North Carolina law requires that the court distribute the net marital and divisible property equitably between the parties. Equitably, however, does not mean equally. There...