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Will Having Sex With My Spouse Void Our Legal Separation?

Breaking up is hard to do. Many couples separate and get back together several times before the final break. As couples struggle with the conflicts of separation, sexual relations may...
Image of small child with hands, palms face down, in the hands of an adult, depicting child support

Will My Child Support Be Reduced If My Income Decreases?

Courts have an inherent duty to protect the interests of minor children. Therefore, child support may always be modified by a court having jurisdiction to ensure that child support is...
Image of a person dropping a card into a clear glass container, like a suggestion box or ballot bowl.

Your Spouse’s Suggestions

Unfortunately, client’s commonly believe that an opponent’s suggestions should routinely be rejected because they are either bad ideas, or they reflect some ulterior motive. Some clients want to automatically do...
Stock photography image of a Marriage Contract on a table with the hands of a man and a woman signing it.

Should I get a prenuptial agreement?

A prenuptial agreement, also referred to as a premarital agreement or ante-nuptial agreement, is a contract entered into between two parties contemplating marriage. The agreement becomes effective upon their marriage....
Image of a typewritten agreement for divorce on white paper with a pair of eyeglasses folded on top of it.

Does My Separation Agreement Have To Be Approved by the Court?

“Separation agreement” is the term commonly used to describe a legally binding contract that spouses enter into when they reach an agreement regarding issues related to their marital separation. The...
Street sign against a cloud dappled sky above a grassy field that says "Rebranding" depicting changing a name and identity

How Can I Resume My Maiden Name or Former Surname Following Divorce?

North Carolina General Statute § 50-12(a) authorizes a woman whose marriage is dissolved by divorce to change her name to any of the following: “(1) Her maiden name; or (2)...

Who should get the marital home?

When parties separate and begin the process of dividing their marital property, one of the assets they are likely to deal with is their marital home. In North Carolina, in...
Image of a child wearing a black hoodie on a black background with his finger in front of his lips illustrating saying nothing.

Domestic Violence Legal Advocacy

In North Carolina, domestic violence can be defined in simple terms as abuse, fear of abuse, harassment, or undue manipulation or control that occurs between two parties involved, or formerly...
Image of a group of private school students wearing school uniforms in a study session.

Can I Make the Other Parent Pay for Private School Tuition As Part of a Child Support Obligation?

The North Carolina Child Support Guidelines provide a formula for determining the presumptive child support obligation for parties’ whose combined adjusted gross income is $300,000 per year or less. The...

Who Took the Money in the Cookie Jar?

Many couples keep cash savings on hand for an emergency. Cash may be stored in a cookie jar, under the mattress, safe deposit box, or some other place for safekeeping....
Image of sliced brown bread with stalks of wheat referencing the idea of a "breadwinner".

Does It Matter in a Divorce If One Spouse Was the “Breadwinner” During Marriage?

A common refrain that attorneys hear during the divorce process is: “I earned all the money during the marriage, so why should I have to give my ex half of...

Equal or Unequal? Should One Spouse Receive More Than 50% of the Marital Estate?

In actions for equitable distribution, North Carolina law requires that the court distribute the net marital and divisible property equitably between the parties. Equitably, however, does not mean equally. There...