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Image of two lawyers in an outdoor rotunda of a courthouse, smiling collegiately to one another during a discussion depicting the concept of attorney camaraderie.

Attorney Camaraderie

Attorneys who specialize in Divorce and Family Law will probably try many cases against each other over the years. They will attend the same professional events, and may even work...
Black and white image of an apple sliced in half with forks protruding from each of the halves denoting equal distribution and splitting of marital property

How to Protect your Inheritance from your Spouse During a Divorce

If you have received an inheritance, or a gift, or anticipate receiving either in the future, you may be wondering how you can protect it from your spouse in the...

Mediator’s Role in Family Law Mediations

Going through any family law dispute is an emotionally charged process that is often best resolved through the process of mediation. Mediation is an effective tool that offers an alternative...
Image of small child with hands, palms face down, in the hands of an adult, depicting child support

Will My Child Support Be Reduced If My Income Decreases?

Courts have an inherent duty to protect the interests of minor children. Therefore, child support may always be modified by a court having jurisdiction to ensure that child support is...
Image of a man in a gray suit on a dark background wearing red boxing gloves close to camera.

Is Your Attorney Tough Enough?

All too often, the client has the attitude that a lawyer who is a “fighter” is a lawyer who refuses to cooperate with opposing counsel, makes demands and gets instant...

Social Media and Your Domestic Case

Social networking websites, such as Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, and LinkedIn, provide a unique forum for us to connect and share information with others. As the use of such social media...
Image of man alone in front of a window emoting sadness

Mental and Emotional Abuse – Domestic Violence Isn’t Always Black and Blue

When we think of domestic violence, images often come to mind of black eyes, bruises, busted lips, or broken bones. However, domestic violence encompasses much more than that. Domestic violence...

Does Child Support Automatically Terminate When My Child Turns Age 18?

Ordinarily, a parent’s legal responsibility to provide child support for their child terminates when the child attains age 18. However, there are exceptions. If the child is still in primary...

How Is Property Valued for Purposes of Equitable Distribution?

In North Carolina, the court ordered or agreed-upon division of assets and debts that occurs when spouses separate is called equitable distribution. For purposes of equitable distribution, the parties’ marital...
Image of man standing on a blue background with his hand over his forehead as if ashamed of the mistake he has made.

Costly Divorce Mistakes: What You Don’t Know Can Hurt You.

In an effort to save money during divorce, many couples turn to self-help legal forms and generic advice found on the Internet rather than hiring a family law attorney. When...

How Long Am I Entitled to Receive – Or Must I Pay – Alimony?

Decades ago when men were traditionally the breadwinners of the American family and women were typically stay-at-home moms, permanent alimony was not an unusual financial result in divorces. The days...

Choosing the Best Lawyer for Your Divorce

Amid the angst and turmoil surrounding separation and divorce, one of the most important decisions that you will make will be your choice of an attorney. It is important to...