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Mediation is the best avenue for your clients to craft lasting resolutions that best fit their lives. We are keenly aware that this avenue is preferable for most issues and have the experience to guide your clients through this process. We understand that mediated solutions have a greater potential for flexibility and consideration of unique and individual circumstances that are not necessarily achievable in a trial setting. We also understand that mediation has the power to teach people to approach their conflicts from a broader perspective, offering new tools for resolving disputes in the future. Our lawyers are skilled mediators.

Mediation and Arbitration services are offered in the area of family law and in cases where complex financial issues exist. We focus a significantly on mediation as a tool to resolve complex financial matters and commonly offer mediation services to other lawyers and their clients in the family law arena. Our demeanor and approach induce an element of calm to emotionally charged disputes, helping embroiled litigants see the difference between the important elements for their consideration and the lesser arguments that restrict forward movement. Our lawyers are adept in helping people to move out of their individual stories and into resolution. The lawyers in our firm have facilitated hundreds of mediation conferences.

When your case needs a mediator that can open doors and offer possibility, narrow your clients' issues and craft creative solutions, we can help. Schedule your next mediation with us.

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NC Board Certified Specialist in Family Law
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