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Can I Require My Spouse to Maintain Life Insurance To Secure an Alimony or Child Support Obligation?

Under North Carolina law, the obligation of a spouse to pay alimony, or a parent to pay child support, ceases upon the death of the obligor. Maintaining a life insurance...
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Your Spouse’s Suggestions

Unfortunately, client’s commonly believe that an opponent’s suggestions should routinely be rejected because they are either bad ideas, or they reflect some ulterior motive. Some clients want to automatically do...
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What Happens When a Marital Asset Is Titled in the Name of a Business or Third Party?

In North Carolina, property that is owned at the date of separation by either spouse, individually or jointly, is presumed to be marital property. But, what happens when a business...

Tips for Reducing Legal Expenses in Your Domestic Case

Legal expenses in a domestic case can add up quickly, especially if there are complex legal issues, or hostility and bitterness between the parties that impedes settlement negotiations. In Asheville...
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Domestic Violence Legal Advocacy

In North Carolina, domestic violence can be defined in simple terms as abuse, fear of abuse, harassment, or undue manipulation or control that occurs between two parties involved, or formerly...
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Can My Spouse and I Use the Same Divorce Attorney?

When spouses separate, there may be many legal issues that arise in connection with their marital separation, including child custody, child support, spousal support, and equitable distribution of marital property...
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Gifts during Marriage – When a Gift Is Not a Gift

Separate property is considered property (either an asset or debt) that belongs to one spouse individually. Separate property is not subject to equitable distribution and its value is not included...

Marital Fault and Alimony

Before mid 1995, for a court to order post separation support and alimony, there had to be a finding of marital fault. This is no longer required in North Carolina,...
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Can I Make the Other Parent Pay for Private School Tuition As Part of a Child Support Obligation?

The North Carolina Child Support Guidelines provide a formula for determining the presumptive child support obligation for parties’ whose combined adjusted gross income is $300,000 per year or less. The...

Dividing the Household Furniture

Almost all couples have household furniture and other furnishings that they divide when they separate. Household furnishings that are marital property are subject to valuation and distribution like any other...

Who should get the marital home?

When parties separate and begin the process of dividing their marital property, one of the assets they are likely to deal with is their marital home. In North Carolina, in...

Divorce and Emotional Support

Divorce is not only stressful, but it can be traumatic as well. Many people who are going through divorce feel like their life has been shattered or turned upside down....