Child Support

Image of small child with hands, palms face down, in the hands of an adult, depicting child support

Will My Child Support Be Reduced If My Income Decreases?

February 2, 2016

Courts have an inherent duty to protect the interests of minor children. Therefore, child support may always be modified by a court having jurisdiction to ensure that child support is sufficient to meet the reasonable needs of the child and in accordance with each parent’s ability to provide for the child. Regardless of whether parties have a written agreement establishing child support or an existing court order setting child support, either party may initiate legal…

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Does Child Support Automatically Terminate When My Child Turns Age 18?

September 2, 2015

Ordinarily, a parent’s legal responsibility to provide child support for their child terminates when the child attains age 18. However, there are exceptions. If the child is still in primary or secondary school when the child attains age 18, child support will continue by law until the child graduates from high school, ceases to attend school on a regular basis, fails to make academic progress, or reaches age 20, whichever first occurs. Upon application to…

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Will Your Support Case Benefit from Retaining a Vocational Expert?

June 29, 2015

There are some situations in which your attorney may recommend that you retain certain professionals, such as an accountant, appraiser, or vocational expert, to assist with your domestic case. A vocational expert is a consultant who may be hired to prepare a report and testify as an expert witness at a deposition or in court regarding employment and economic issues that relate to a party’s ability to work and earn income, immediately and in the…

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Consequences to Consider for Failure to Pay Child Support

June 17, 2015

If you are experiencing financial hardship and having difficulty complying with a court order requiring you to pay child support, you might want to think twice before you become delinquent in your obligation and accumulate child support arrearages. Failure to pay court-ordered child support can have serious and long-term legal, financial, and personal consequences. A person to whom child support is owed is deemed a creditor of the child support “obligor” (the person obligated to…

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Can I Withhold Visitation If the Other Parent Doesn’t Pay Child Support?

February 20, 2015

The unequivocal answer is “no.” Under North Carolina law, child support and visitation are separate matters and a parent’s failure to pay child support is not a legal justification to deny or suspend visitation. Likewise, a parent who is being denied visitation with their child is not entitled to discontinue paying child support. If you are the parent receiving child support, it may be tempting to want to punish the non-supporting parent by withholding their…

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