This image is of Dave Hillier in front of the Federal Courthouse Building in Downtown Asheville in 2012

David Hillier Interviewed by Laws.Com

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In April 2013, David Hillier was interviewed by as a part of their continuing series. Quoted from the article:


Hillier finds bankruptcy law to be a very rewarding practice area. “I really enjoy what I do, because I can get nearly anyone who comes into my office to a better place, one way or another,” he says. “Either through filing bankruptcy or telling them that they don’t need to file bankruptcy, but they need to do a few things differently to get back on their feet.”

For Hillier’s clients, understanding their options can be life-changing. “People are good people, and they want to pay their debts, but when you have $50,000 in credit card debt, ten collection calls a day, and other issues, you just can’t handle that kind of load,” he explains. “Pretty much every time when I tell them that there is a different choice they can make about their financial life, they express a great amount of relief, either verbally or physically.”


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